About Us

Since 1927, four generations of the Nortje family have produced Honeybush tea and laid the foundations for Melmont Honeybush Tea CC, established in 1999.

Our mission is to:                

  • maintain the strictest standards of quality and hygiene.
  • maintain the holistic properties of the product, by adhering to specifications.
  • acquire a constant flow of highly satisfied customers and
  • conserve our Honeybush resources as a precious gift from nature.
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Melmont Honeybush Tea CC

Preparation and Serving
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Organic Mountain
Honeybush Tea

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Melmont Mountain Honeybush is a completely natural certified organic beverage i.e. it contains no contaminants, colourants, preservatives, other additives or chemical residues.

On the contrary, it exudes a unique fragrance and brews to a golden ruby colour.


With care, Mountain Honeybush regenerates within three years after harvesting.  In consequence, less than one third of the mountain yield is available for harvesting each year by rotation. 

A team of trained workers ascends the mountain once a week from spring to autumn (weather permitting) and systematically cuts earmarked Honeybush shoots.  Dry weather is a prerequisite.